There is a great difference between knowing and understanding: you can know a lot about something and not really understand it.
Charles F. Kettering


When your company needs to understand their consumer

We believe in treating consumers as humans not as targets or data points but as people who need a little help. We believe the best way to connect with people is through empathy and that is why we specialise in Ethnographic Market Research. 


When your company needs to drive consumer insight through the organisation

Our strategists translate customers’ lives into strategies and experiences that align business functions around customers’ needs to produce better decision-making with less risk. We arm you with intelligence to help drive this through the organisation.


When your company needs to develop human-centric products.

Our proprietary collaborative framework identifies human insight and unmet consumer needs in order to create consumer-centric products, services and experiences.

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Consumer Collaboration


Video Ethnography – We live in field with your consumer and capture strong visual stories so we are able to get a richly textured visual representation of your consumer, leading to further and deeper human insights.

Consumer Research – The NUDE MOBILE platform enables you to interact with your consumer whilst they are interacting with your brand. Ideal  for consumer diaries, shopper journeys and in-field consumer shadowing.

AI – We use AI to analyze and organize the audience’s responses (text and visual) in real-time, making confident, research-driven decisions three times faster.




Using intelligence gathered over the past 18 years, we offer high-end consulting to help drive a consumer-first culture through your organisation. We support this with global and regional consumer reports, to create a proprietary Consumer Map identifying opportunities and gaps within and outside the category. 

Design Thinking


EVICT is our proprietary workshop tool that brings consumers and clients together in a creative sprint to deliver output that is truly human-centric. A collaborative framework that identifies human insight and unmet consumer needs in order to create consumer-centric products, services and experiences.


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An African business

NUDE is a collaboration between IGH (Instant Grass Holdings) and THE DUKE GROUP, we have worked with over 600 brands for multinational companies across 23 countries. 

We employ a number of strategic planners made up of anthropologists, agency planners, ethnographers and business consultants that collate this information and translate it into marketing intelligence. We don’t publish research reports, but rather deliver consumer driven strategic solutions. 

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