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Consumer Insight

Consumer Communities

At the core of our business is our NUDE Networks which are bespoke consumer communities recruited on behalf of our clients. These communities allow our clients to collaborate with their consumers in real-time. From planning long-term strategic marketing campaigns to quick turnaround sense-checking, our clients are able to integrate their core consumers into every stage of their marketing, brand and productlife-cycles.

Digital Ethnography

We have developed a proprietary network management tool called  THE VAULT, a mobile-first, web-based platform that allows us to recruit, brief, manage and pay our Networks. Consumers are able to answer briefs, upload journals, videos, images and voice notes in real time. We have supplemented THE VAULT with Machine Learning (ML algorithms and AI to analyze and organize the audience’s responses (text and visual) in real-time, making confident, research-driven decisions three times faster.

Visual Storytelling

We don’t publish research reports, but rather deliver insight driven strategic solutions. We have developed a video ethnography department that supplements all strategies with strong visual stories. All our output is packaged in multimedia presentations with the impetus being visual/video storytelling


Consumer Intelligence


Using intelligence and best practices gathered over the past 18 years, we are able to bring the voice of the consumer into the boardroom. This C-Suite level consulting and partnership ensures that the consumer is front and centre of every business decision

Trend Reports

A dedicate community of 20 “Innovators” who are always-on and available 24/7 to ensure the brand is always credible and relevant. This proprietary tribe can be used for quick turn-around interventions, tactical opportunities and instant course correction. Their feedback will also fuel a series of quarterly TRENDSCAPES (Trend Reports)


Internal presentations , workshops and speaking engagements that can be used to drive customer-first thinking through your organization.  

Design Thinking

Consumer Innovation

Consumer Ideation

Our proprietary EVICT methodology informed design thinking  and years of practice, allows us to collaborate with consumers in a sprint style manner to solve business problems, from human-centred design solutions to brand messaging and consumer experiences through to larger strategic campaigns and even business models. 

Design Thinking

Having identified the perfect problem and subsequent consumer-centred concept, we team up with  industrial designers, architects  and developers to create concepts, products, experiences and prototypes that are ready to go-to-market. 

Content Creation

We put video at the very heart of everything we do. We are able to provide unprecedented access into the lives of people through visual storytelling – a fast, hyper-effective way of gaining true understanding of your consumers lives. We use the latest video hardware and editing platforms to produces video content in real-time. with production values that can work across all internal and broadcast channels.

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